Connecting people with the places they need to be.

With people who are truly passionate about what they do, Modaxo understands the impact mobility has on the fabric of daily life. We thrive on delivering dependable public transportation solutions that meet the real-life needs of our customers in the communities where we live and serve.
Our businesses are focused on one thing – delivering the solutions that help connect people with the places they need to go for work, family, and everyday life.
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We value different perspectives.

There are new models of people transport emerging every day. When you bring together a collection of companies with experience in delivering solutions for public transit, emergency services, school transport, parking & traffic management, taxi, and more, you get a more detailed and comprehensive view of how to move people in towns, cities, and across regions.

And sharing these different perspectives helps to drive new opportunities and approaches in delivering transport to passengers and riders.

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We’re pragmatic visionaries.

We don’t believe in creating or rolling out new technology for technology sake. But we do believe in the need to constantly innovate. We’re not afraid to explore new technologies and apply them to passenger transport – we just like to do it in a measured way, where it makes sense, and aligned to our customers’ risk tolerance.

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Your world is local. So is ours.

Our companies stay close to their customers delivering local technology solutions to meet local challenges. The most successful transport solutions come from local knowledge and understanding of the local environment. We get that.

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Our footprint is global. So you don’t have to be.

Leveraging the experiences of our customers from all over the world, we share that knowledge to help drive new product innovation and services that can be adapted to meet the local realities of your real-world environment. We bring the global, local. And the local, global.

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More than just a name. It's our vision.

The Modaxo name and brand is inspired by movement and mobility across all modes of people transportation. Modaxo symbolizes our desire to provide modern real-world solutions that enable the daily movement of people and provide access to our communities.

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