Together we are stronger.

We acquire with confidence. From private sector businesses, to publicly traded companies, to corporate carve outs or divestures, we have deep experience in and understanding of the nuances of all types of acquisitions.
We have serious bench strength. Modaxo is part of Constellation Software – a multi-billion dollar company that acquires, manages and builds vertical market software businesses.
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Modaxo companies:

  • Believe that technology solutions that help to move people throughout their daily lives is meaningful work.
  • Don’t settle for “good enough”; they are obsessed with seeking ways to do better and be better.
  • Actively look for and pursue opportunities to grow their people.
  • Remain diligent in building and maintaining a customer-centric culture.

Our acquisition criteria:

It’s about people.

Your primary focus is on People Transportation.

Growth objectives.

Established business? New entrant? We look for businesses with a desire to grow, no matter what the stage. And we remain flexible to discussing other potential investment strategies beyond acquisition.

One size does not fit all.

Big is beautiful. Small is too. Our businesses range in size from small, super-focused businesses in niche areas to larger businesses with enterprise-wide solutions spanning multiple geographies.


What you do matters. Our businesses typically provide solutions that customers perceive to be mission-critical to their operations. The type of technology and software they can’t, and don’t want to, live without.

Our shared values.

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We think long-term, but act each day with a sense of urgency.​

When you hold a business forever, you can make different decisions for both the short-term and the long-term.

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We believe autonomy and accountability go hand-in-hand.

We trust our business leaders to do the right thing – for their business, their customers, and their people. And our business leaders hold themselves accountable for their decisions and actions.

We strive to be humble and always act with personal integrity.​

Humility facilitates learning while integrity builds a culture of honesty and trust.

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We value transparency and encourage open, constructive dialogue.​

Active listening, embracing different perspectives, and challenging others when needed – we are prepared to have difficult conversations.

With Modaxo, our businesses experience:

A forever home.

We are perpetual owners who care about the long-term health of your business and your people. We don’t sell the businesses we acquire. Ever.

Collaborative autonomy.

The freedom to make decisions at the business level autonomously while accessing a larger, collaborative environment of people and companies to help drive new product innovation and services at scale.

A place where people grow.

Meaningful work, hard-working colleagues, intellectual stimulus, socially creative, purposefully driven, and many opportunities to learn and grow. We invest in people and your business to help you grow.

Various transport icons overlayed on a city to represent a smart city with travel options
Various transport icons overlayed on a city to represent a smart city with travel options

Great businesses don’t just happen overnight. They evolve.

Modaxo’s journey began over 30 years ago and now represents a global portfolio of technology businesses that share a common vision and goal to move the world’s people.