Meet the people that keep Modaxo moving forward.

With people who are truly passionate about what they do, Modaxo understands the impact mobility has on the fabric of daily life. Here are the members of our team in action!
Bill Delaney Bill Delaney
Chief Executive Officer

Bill Delaney


RESPONSIBLE FOR: The leadership of Modaxo, with specific focus on developing and executing strategies to significantly grow the group. To do that, we have to continue to develop and bring in great people to the organisation.

WHY MODAXO: Leveraging the legacy of the last 25 years, with the licence to take new approaches as we embark on the next stage of growth.

FAVOURITE MOTTO: “Hold Fast” It’s the motto of the MacLeod Clan, my ancestors from Scotland.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Roasted Pork Belly with crunchy crackling.

FAVOURITE PLACE TO VISIT: No one specific place, but exploring different cultures and cities with deep history as well as wild areas of natural beauty.

Rob Clay Rob Clay
Chief Financial Officer

Rob Clay


RESPONSIBLE FOR: As my children would say: “Adding stuff up.”

WHY MODAXO: The opportunity to seek ways to use our global resources more collaboratively to solve bigger problems and impact global mobility.


FAVOURITE SAYING: “It’s simple, but that’s not the same as easy.”

MEMORABLE MOMENT: Jumping off the Trans-Siberian Railway at a random station to play snowballs and then jumping back on as it left.

IN YOUR SPARE TIME YOU LIKE: Live music. (Bit tricky right now!) I try to get to 3-4 per year. Best ever would be Pink Floyd, Rush, Mercury Rev and 21 Pilots.

William Huynh William Huynh
Head of Corporate Development

William Huynh

YEARS IN INDUSTRY: 1 — Just getting started!

RESPONSIBLE FOR: Corporate development efforts on a global scale – building a bridge between global thinking with regional responsibility and local action.

WHY MODAXO: We’re in a quickly changing world and mobility is a key part in this evolution. Rallying our people together on a global basis to embark on this journey is exciting!

HIDDEN TALENT: I’ve been told I have a voice made for radio; I used to do store announcements part time at a major department store chain.

MOST PROUD OF: The handful of key friendships I’ve made as a professional adult. More nebulously, that I think I’ve stayed true to my values of hard work and loyalty.

FAVOURITE QUOTE: (Jokingly) “Sometimes right, sometimes wrong, never in doubt.”

Clair Clarke Clair Clarke
Chief Talent Officer

Clair Clarke


RESPONSIBLE FOR: Developing and finding talent, helping people be the best they can be in their career journey with Modaxo.

WHY MODAXO: Modaxo people and how we can work together to improve transportation and mobility.

BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED: Surround yourself with great people who challenge you and support you.

WORST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED: I was 6. I wanted to know what my grandad was eating. He told me to eat the whole (chilli) pepper.

MOST PROUD OF: Being part of a small village community that really pulled together and supported everyone in the C19 lockdown; getting essentials and medicines and checking in for a socially distanced chat with the elderly/shielding and care workers.

Kim Emmerson Kim Emmerson
Chief Marketing Officer

Kim Emmerson


RESPONSIBLE FOR: Modaxo’s global marketing and branding and engaging with our businesses on S&M best practices.

WHY MODAXO: The people! We have so many talented, smart people passionate about driving People Transportation forward.

IN YOUR SPARE TIME YOU LIKE TO: Ski (wherever there’s snow), bike (leisurely), read (unimportant books), cook (experimentally).

BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED: Always work with people smarter than you. You’ll learn more.

MEMORABLE MOMENT: Explaining how to ride the Circle Line to a Londoner. (I’m not from London.)

Roger Helmy Roger Helmy
Director of Product Strategy

Roger Helmy


RESPONSIBLE FOR: Product strategy, alignment, and innovation across Modaxo businesses.

WHY MODAXO: The meaning of our work. We help enrich lives by connecting people and supporting sustainability of our communities.

FAVOURITE SAYING/MOTTO: “Don’t confuse movement with progress.”

BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED: Always push yourself outside your comfort zone. Do what you’re afraid to do.

WHAT MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME: I’m the world’s worst basketball player.

Rod Jones Rod Jones
Head of Americas

Rod Jones


RESPONSIBLE FOR: Taking care of our customers and employees within the Americas.

WHY MODAXO: The chance to work with a talented and mission-oriented global team to continue building, improving and acquiring innovative solutions for a dynamic transit marketplace.

MEMORABLE MOMENT: As a teenager, several times running to catch a Detroit city bus as the bus driver plays ‘cat & mouse.’

WHAT MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU: I have a matching pair of ruptured Achilles tendons, basketball injuries separated by 3 years.

FAVOURITE MOVIE QUOTE: “Just keep swimming.” Dory, Finding Nemo (2003)

Laurent Eskenazi Laurent Eskenazi
Head of UK/Europe

Laurent Eskenazi


RESPONSIBLE FOR: Cultivating and nurturing Modaxo’s business in the UK and Europe.

WHY MODAXO: Acquiring diverse businesses and creating value; transportation has a direct impact on people’s lives.

MEMORABLE MOMENT: Putting the Presto Card in operation in Toronto, Canada after overcoming so many challenges.

HIDDEN TALENT: I whistle a lot… especially when I am under stress!

GROWING UP I THOUGHT I’D BE: An orchestra conductor.

Scott Winks Scott Winks
Head of Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa

Scott Winks


RESPONSIBLE FOR: Growing and managing Modaxo’s business in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

WHY MODAXO: Bringing together all our global people transportation solutions and expertise to help solve our customers’ current and future problems.

MEMORABLE MOMENT: Travelling to India for the first time and seeing (and hearing) the enormous diversity of transit options – from walking, to bullock-drawn carts, bicycles, motor-bikes, buses, tuk tuks, trucks, and the latest sports cars – all simultaneously traversing the same road and ultimately on very similar life journeys.

WHAT MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU: I grew up on a farm, hand milking cows and goats each morning before going to school.

BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED: Work hard and be humble.

We are Modaxo

With people who are truly passionate about what they do, Modaxo understands the impact mobility has on the fabric of daily life. Here are the members of our team in action!
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