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Vontas helps agencies make public transit the desired mode of transportation in their communities. Through real-time technology, we help create smart, safe, reliable, accessible, and more connected public transit experiences for all.

The Vontas Story

Vontas was created in 2021 as a new business division of Trapeze Group, a globally recognized leader in the transportation software space, with decades of experience and innovation. Vontas focuses exclusively on Intelligent Transportation Solutions (ITS), including Yard Management and Payments.

Vontas exists to help empower movement in communities – to connect riders with family, friends, work and school – whatever it is that matters most to them. We are reimagining Intelligent Transit Technology to help agencies grow their community of riders. Moving riders – the key to an agency’s success. Given the choice, how do you convince riders to choose transit as their preferred mode of transportation? By building their TRUST that you will provide a safe, convenient, reliable and cost-effective transportation option with accurate, real-time information every step, or stop, along their journey.

Using real-time technology, Vontas helps create smart, safe, reliable, accessible, and more connected public transit experience. Together, we can radically elevate every rider’s experience. We have tools to help achieve operational excellence and reach new levels of rider engagement. Like you, transit is all we do.

What We Believe

  • Provide a smarter, safer, reliable, accessible, and connected public transit experience for all.
  • Public transit should be the desired mode of transportation for every community.
  • Build trust with accurate travel information to passengers for stress-free journeys.
  • Help agencies improve integration and productivity among teams with real-time information flow.

Insights from Vontas

Spotlight on: Simon Ferguson

Simon Ferguson is a creative guy with plenty of drive. When he’s not busy with his role coaching businesses as a Group Leader for Modaxo in the Americas, he’s busy playing music, writing songs and training for an upcoming marathon.

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In Conversation with Peter Aczel

Meet Peter Aczel. Born in Hungary and raised in Austria, Peter now calls the USA home. With transport experience in both Europe and North America, Peter now leads Vontas -- a company that wants to make public transport the desired mode of transport for every community.

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