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TripSpark’s people transportation technology provides the software, in-vehicle hardware and mobile technologies to deliver the best rider experience. Our products form an ecosystem that manages core routing, scheduling and operations that transport operators rely on, as well as real-time passenger information systems that riders need.

The TripSpark Story

TripSpark was created in 2014 as a specialized business unit of Trapeze Group, a globally recognized leader in the transportation software space, with decades of experience and innovation.

TripSpark is focused on partnering with mid-sized agencies and private operators to design solutions for their unique business needs in fixed route, demand response, non-emergency medical, school transportation and ride-sharing. The team recently launched the microtransit mobility-on-demand app, giving riders a more convenient way to book travel while maximizing resources for operators.

Now part of the Modaxo portfolio, TripSpark is able to leverage best practices and resources from a wide network that’s committed to helping businesses get better and stronger.

What We Believe

  • In connecting people, places and communities through simple, efficient and easy-to-use software.
  • Product roadmaps built with customer participation is the key to driving future growth.
  • That providing an equitable experience for all promotes freedom of mobility and access to work, school, medical care, recreation and the necessities of everyday life.
  • Safety and reliability are at the heart of transportation services.

Insights from TripSpark

Spotlight On: Steve Dewis

Steve says: “My passion for medical transportation is even greater than transit. I just really like the idea that we’re helping vulnerable people get to their medical appointments and improve their quality of life.”

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