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Trellint delivers comprehensive parking and curbside management solutions that make the curb easy to use and accessible to all.

The Trellint Story

Established in 1981, Trellint’s mission is centered around facilitating the issuance and management of parking citations. Across North America and the UK, we drive progress in citation issuance, violation hearings support, notice delivery, virtual residential parking permits, enforcement guidance, integration of mobile automated license plate recognition (ALPR), and payment plans and forgiveness initiatives, as well as the management of loading/flexible zones. Our dedication to tailoring our solutions to the specific needs, requirements, and objectives of our clients sets us apart.

Over the years, our vision has evolved in response to the dynamic changes in curb utilization and demand. Among our notable achievements: initiated a public-private revenue-share partnership for meter management; spearheaded using data to optimize curbside dynamic pricing, minimizing parking search times; leveraged data science to develop asset-light data collection tools, maintaining accuracy while reducing costs; and redesigned enforcement zones to focus on the infractions most likely to create hazards and exacerbate congestion while reducing the potential for predatory enforcement. These efforts have been recognized through industry awards, affirming both our clients’ and our team’s contributions to pioneering work in our field.

This business has a rich history of ownership, most recently by Conduent, and in 2024, Conduent fully divested its’ Curbside Management business to Modaxo, a global portfolio company focused on advancing people transportation solutions. From there, Trellint was born, and has emerged with a clear mandate to uphold our tradition of innovation.

What We Believe

  • Ensuring compliance via fair enforcement, including fine administration, remains pivotal in enhancing safety, alleviating congestion, and fostering equity.
  • The curb, often overlooked yet essential, presents an opportunity for optimization through innovative technological solutions and the utilization of data science.
  • Flexible curbside management programs are imperative to address the needs of diverse stakeholders effectively – with evolving curbside demand and usage patterns—from traditional modes like buses, taxis, and freight, to modern additions like rideshare and deliveries, alongside considerations for personal accessibility.
  • Cities that embrace innovative platforms, foster dynamic partnerships, prioritize incremental innovation, and champion inclusive curbside policies are best equipped to future-proof their curb operations.

Insights from Trellint