An orange circle and a purple circle represent connectivity.

Trapeze Group works with public transport organizations and their communities to streamline and advance all aspects of a transport organization. It is through Trapeze’s advanced software and technologies that these organizations can help to deliver what matters most — an optimal transport experience for their riders.

The Trapeze Story

What started as a small company providing routing and scheduling software back in 1989, has now grown to become a global organization providing comprehensive solutions that move people from point A to Z throughout the world.

While the Trapeze experience is broad and international, we are local in our approach. We have a long history of collaborating with our customers to adapt to changing needs and new demands.

What We Believe

  • At Trapeze, we strive to enhance lives by building technology for a better tomorrow and providing unique solutions for life.
  • We are ‘Here for the journey’ with our customers today, and for whatever tomorrow might bring.
  • We believe in public transport, and it’s our goal to make it better.
  • We are ‘Here for the journey’ to deliver solutions that address our local markets, while leveraging the experience of our global footprint.

Insights from Trapeze Group