An orange circle and a purple circle represent connectivity.

TransLoc is a provider of microtransit and fixed route transportation solutions for public transit, universities, and transit operators.

The TransLoc Story

We prepare cities, universities, and public and private enterprises for the future of multimodal transportation – one where riders can choose the easiest, smartest, and greenest way to travel.

In our first ten years, we created America’s first live regional transit map, the first bus tracking mobile app, and were awarded a transit innovation award by the White House.

We are creating technology that will enable transit to become that choice and we are working to change the future of transportation.

Our purpose is to reimagine how people move through universally accessible, equitable, and sustainable mobility.

What We Believe

  • Our mission is to create seamless mobility for all.
  • Public transit should be the first and most convenient choice for people to travel within their community.
  • We believe in standing side-by-side with transit providers to help their communities experience the freedom of movement for all.

Insights from TransLoc

Spotlight On: Terry Hinman

Terry Hinman has seen a lot of business acquisition in his career. As he sees it, business integration, “has always been about relationships and building trust and then going from there. Once you have the trust, you have a good foundation, and you can build on that.”

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