An orange circle and a purple circle represent connectivity.

SYSTEMTECHNIK is a market leader in mobile data collection and ticketing for European transport companies. Our solutions make ticket sales easy for both passengers and bus and rail operators.


Based in the town of Sommerda, Germany, in the countryside west of Leipzig, SYSTEMTECHNIK has pioneered the mobile collection of incident data and e-ticketing.

The team has evolved to manufacture complex solutions for sales and marketing processes. Engineers partner with clients to develop software for ticket vending machines and online booking portals, for example, and hardware components like handheld e-ticket validators to support a central sales system.

In 2017, SYSTEMTECHNIK became part of the Modaxo collective to bring its mobility solutions to North America, and provide customers with holistic solutions from conception and implementation to turnkey systems.

What We Believe

  • Our pioneering role in the field of e-ticket solutions in Germany continues to make transport more accessible for more people.
  • It’s important to make it easy and convenient for people to purchase tickets.
  • In creating standards that help bus and rail operators manage all their distribution channels through a central system, simplifying ticket purchasing.
  • Smartphone and online platforms will become even more important in improving mobility and quality of life.

Insights from Systemtechnik