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SS Telemática specializes in solutions to reduce operational costs in transportation through intelligent insights and alerts on driver behavior. SS solutions also act to save lives, with alerts such as fatigue, driver distraction among others.

The SS Telemática Story

SS Telemática stands for Start Solution — the origin of our vision to start a solution that would reduce transportation fuel and maintenance costs in an intelligent and easy-to-use way.

Founded in 2013, SS Telemática has saved millions of liters of fuel for its customers and now, as part of Modaxo, is ready to take its solutions to even more operators who need to increase their financial efficiency and their safety standards in vehicle driving.

What We Believe

  • That we can contribute to a reduction of up to 20% in fuel consumption.
  • Our solution is fundamental to the recurring financial efficiency of operators.
  • With technology we can increase the level of safe driving thus saving lives.
  • In continuous evolution of technology for use in transportation adding more and more value in the operation.

Insights from SS Telemática