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Signature Rail is the market leader in powerful automated routing, resource planning and scheduling solutions that provide resilience and stability to rail companies around the world.

The Signature Rail Story

Based in York, UK, the company started by converting mainframe systems to microcomputers to support railway signaling projects. As private train operating companies entered the rail industry in the 1990s, the team solidified its reputation by producing advanced timesheet systems for a number of these companies’ railway lines.

Now, as part of the Modaxo group, Signature Rail continues to develop its global presence with integrated solutions that help companies in the rail industry explore the complexities of their growing capacity, reduce vehicle and operator costs, and improve their services.

What We Believe

  • Railroad designers are industry heroes.
  • In helping rail operators to adapt to changes in their service, the number of passengers and advances in the IT field.
  • Accurate generation of timesheets and scheduling of resources, including limitless what-if scenarios, improve the efficiency of rail transport.
  • Sustainable transport requires continual adaptation and innovation.

Insights from Signature Rail