An orange circle and a purple circle represent connectivity.

PLANit develops management software systems for demand-responsive passenger transport services (Demand-Responsive Transport – DRT) that ensure everyone has the freedom to move around. Our solutions make managing complex data and processes simpler and more cost-effective for transport operators, authorities and taxi companies – on more than 8 million DRT trips annually.

The PLANit Story

Sweden-based PLANit pioneered telematics-based DRT services that reduce high service costs while expanding transport options. The company offers intuitive tools to integrate travel with shared booking via smartphone and real-time demand-based rerouting of vehicles. The solutions also manage the information flow of passenger profiles, geographies, driving hours and vehicle capacities.

In 2014, PLANit and its subsidiaries Malmator and Holmedal joined the Modaxo group to explore new opportunities and better serve their customers, leveraging the deep specialization of the network.

What We Believe

  • Everyone, the most vulnerable and the disabled in our society should have access to mobility services.
  • That it is important to streamline all aspects of transport that match demand, to participate in the shared economy of mobility as a service.
  • Developing technology to help transport operators manage all of their complex systems and offer best-in-class services to their passengers.
  • On-demand transport plays an increasingly important role in reducing carbon emissions and improving traffic in cities.

Insights from PLANit