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Every month millions of passengers in Israel use Pcentra to pay for their travels.

The Pcentra Story

Many years ago in Israel, if you wanted to pay for your public transportation smart card, the Rav-Kav, you had to go to an ATM, withdraw some cash and pay the driver. It was a common sight back then to see a bus stuck in the station, with the driver looking for small change to pay back passengers purchasing bus passes in cash.

All of that changed when Pcentra first entered the market. For the first time, passengers could top up the Rav-Kav from their own Mobile device or personal PC and pay with a credit card. As passengers got used to this new way of payment, Pcentra kept innovating and added more ways for passengers to top-up their Rav-Kav including in ATMs, kiosks, retail and pharm chains, street signs and a vast partner network.

Pcentra is now the leading provider of cloud based ticketing in Israel, serving millions of passengers every month.

Since it was established in 2007, Pcentra won numerous awards including the Calypso award for ‘Best Innovation’ and ‘Product of the Year’ from the Consumer Survey of Product Innovation in the online payments category. Pcentra was also the first product world-wide to successfully integrate Calypso smart card ticketing into Apple iOS 13.

What We Believe

  • Secure ticketing is possible for any device
  • Continuous innovation drives us
  • Public transportation is the real solution to solve the traffic issues in the cities.

Insights from Pcentra