An orange circle and a purple circle represent connectivity.

Malmator’s web-based software system provides transport administrators and operators in demand-responsive transport (DRT) with powerful tools that improve operational and cost efficiencies through GPS monitoring of vehicles and communication systems. Passengers also receive top service through solutions that manage traffic flows and fleet performance.

The Malmator Story

Malmator was formed in 1987, bringing technical innovation to link public transport operators with public transport authorities in Sweden, making DRT mobility accessible and cost-effective. The company has grown its customer base throughout the Nordic DRT sector, delivering solutions based on a proven technology that adapts to local needs.

Malmator, a subsidiary of PLANit, joined the Modaxo group in 2014 to expand its reach and further develop its services for DRT ridership around the globe.

What We Believe

  • Technology drives innovation in the people transportation space.
  • Collaboration with transport operators and authorities is the key to efficient and flexible mobility services.
  • Best-in-class rider services should be available to all people, including society’s most vulnerable and disabled.
  • In shaping public transit to support greener, healthy cities.

Insights from Malmator