An orange circle and a purple circle represent connectivity.

Holmedal develops software systems for taxi companies, transport operators and transport authorities in the growing demand-responsive transport (DRT) sector in Sweden and throughout Scandinavia. Custom solutions focus on integrated services via a standard national dispatch platform for more than 20 million DRT trips per year.

The Holmedal Story

Since 1982, Holmedal has lead the development of the first real-time planning system for DRT in Sweden, becoming the gold standard for the Nordic DRT sector. The company president, software architect Hans Andersson, is a leader in the field, helping to create the SUTI public transit standard for communication between mobility planning and dispatch systems.

Holmedal, a subsidiary of PLANit, joined the Modaxo group in 2014 to reach new markets in Europe and globally, and promote the best rider experience for DRT.

What We Believe

  • Connecting transport services improves mobility in our communities.
  • Streamlining all aspects of demand-responsive transport helps operators deliver better, more cost-effective services.
  • Everyone should enjoy reliable, accessible mobility services.
  • In creating technology that improves the passenger experience.

Insights from Holmedal