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The FARA Story

FARA, derived from the old Norse word for travel, is a customer-focused technology company dedicated to enhancing quality of life, fostering a greener environment, and fulfilling passenger expectations by simplifying travel. Established in Norway in 2005, FARA boasts extensive expertise rooted in a strong Nordic tradition. We specialize in advanced intelligent transport solutions that streamline public transport usage, elevate operator efficiency, and empower authorities to offer unparalleled service. Our products are flexible, featuring open-standard interfaces and commercial hardware, customizable to meet specific client needs, integrate seamlessly with existing systems, or function as comprehensive standalone solutions. Known for their proven reliability, security, and forward-thinking design, FARA’s products are ready to shape the future of travel.

What We Believe

At FARA, our mission is to make travel easy. Our innovative solutions are crafted to exceed the expectations of passengers, operators, and transport authorities alike:

  • Innovation for Ease: We believe in continuous innovation to make traveling an effortless, enjoyable experience.
  • Sustainability in Motion: Our commitment to a greener future drives us to develop solutions that contribute to environmental sustainability.
  • Adapting to Change: We are dedicated to evolving with changing needs, ensuring our solutions remain relevant and effective.
  • Partnership and Trust: Building strong, trust-based relationships with our customers and partners is fundamental to our approach.

Insights from FARA