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ExPretio is a global provider of dynamic pricing, revenue maximization, and customer intelligence solutions for passenger rail and coach operators.

The ExPretio Story

ExPretio is the fruit of innovative collaboration of academic research and practical application in the fields of data analytics, artificial intelligence, consumer economics, and business management.

Founded in 2003, ExPretio launched the first version of its cutting-edge Revenue Management solution, Appia, in 2007. Since then ExPretio’s solutions have been acquired by more than 20 operators in Europe and North America. Today with the release of Appia V, ExPretio is the market leader in the provision dynamic pricing and revenue maximization solutions and services to the passenger rail transportation industry.

What We Believe

  • Public transportation is the future and environmentally responsible means of passenger mobility.
  • Revenue Management is a must for rail and coach operators to optimize resource utilization, maximize revenue, and achieve sustainable profitability.
  • Dynamic pricing benefits transportation operators and passengers alike by creating the right economic incentives to travel and maximize capacity utilization across networks.
  • Our powerful and adaptable solutions give operators a clear edge to exploit revenue opportunities in a rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive transportation industry.

Insights from ExPretio