An orange circle and a purple circle represent connectivity.

Elovate is committed to fostering safer communities through the implementation of innovative, data-driven automated traffic enforcement solutions.

The Elovate Story

Elovate may be a new name, but we’ve been improving the safety of communities since our first implementation in Portland, Oregon in 1995. Our team of experts are committed to partnering with communities to prevent dangerous driving behaviors before they lead to incidents, helping save lives, and improve the overall quality of their living spaces.

The Elovate name further emphasizes our desire to elevate community safety and enhance transportation efficiency. At our core, our purpose is to protect the lives of people within the communities we serve through automation.

What We Believe

  • That we are creating a legacy of safer roads for generations to come.
  • That integrating technology and data ensures we improve safety equitably.
  • That transparency is key to fostering strong partnerships with the communities we serve.

Insights from Elovate