An orange circle and a purple circle represent connectivity.

DataGrafikk software is widely used by public transport bodies in Norway and other Nordic countries for both planning and public information. DGTempus, the driver administration and portal system is used by most of the large professional training companies in Norway.

The DataGrafikk Story

Our systems promote the connection between authorities and people.

DataGrafikk was launched in 1988, based on a timesheet editing system for PCs. Later, the system was expanded with management of journeys and daily routines, and in due course it grew and reached the ATP market. DGBuss/dGIS was chosen by 2 out of 3 recent competitors in Norway.

Since 1995, we have also been providing travel planning systems with web interfaces, applications and call centers that include real-time maps, occupancy, messages, etc. in the Norwegian counties.

The DGTempus training system has been the market leader in our region since 1990.

DataGrafikk falls into Modaxo’s product category, completing its wide range of public transport systems.

What We Believe

DataGrafikk has always been a leader in the field of technology and knowledge. So far we have limited ourselves to the Norwegian/Nordic market. Together with other companies in the Modaxo group, we believe that it will be possible for us to grow in the global market.