An orange circle and a purple circle represent connectivity.

Corvanta partners with out-of-hospital care providers to advance and deliver the technology they need to achieve timely, patient-centric services to improve health outcomes.

The Corvanta Story

Corvanta was created in 2022, as the rebranded Trapeze Emergency Services business, to focus exclusively on meeting the needs of out-of-hospital care providers.

The industry is experiencing innovation and changes at a rapid speed. Having Corvanta focus exclusively on out-of-hospital care means its existing customers can maintain the value received from our heritage as Trapeze, whilst expecting an even greater focus on solution advancement and alignment as the brand grows with the industry.

When every second counts, Corvanta supports critical on-demand response, through timely, integrated, patient-centric technology that empowers care providers to improve patient outcomes.

What We Believe

  • Every second counts when it comes to improving healthcare outcomes
  • Our purpose is to support first responders, enabling them to save and improve lives
  • Solving problems that matter by enabling a connected patient journey
  • It takes an ecosystem to influence patient outcomes and we are here to play our part