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Cittati is the leader in Intelligent Transportation Systems management in Brazil, monitoring 30 thousand buses in real-time. Our data and analytics reporting solutions help bus operators stay on top of their day-to-day services and efficiently manage their fleets.

The Cittati Story

Cittati software arrived on the market in 2008. The focus was to provide superior public transportation fleet monitoring while significantly improving safety and reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

In 2012, Cittati moved to cloud-based platforms and expanded its product offerings and scalability, opening the door for creative scheduling and dispatch tools as well as mobile traveller information. The team developed the FLITS platform in 2020 that integrates data from other systems, like planning, scheduling and telematics, to identify opportunities to save costs and improve rider services.

Being part of the Modaxo collective has further supported Cittati’s solutions and expanded its reach to global markets.

What We Believe

  • In the intensive use of technology and data to improve urban mobility.
  • Our leadership role in fleet management in Brazil continues to make public transport more reliable and a better experience for riders.
  • Building live systems and services that evolve seamlessly and promote mass transit.
  • In making cities better.

Insights from Cittati

Spotlight On: Terry Hinman

Terry Hinman has seen a lot of business acquisition in his career. As he sees it, business integration, “has always been about relationships and building trust and then going from there. Once you have the trust, you have a good foundation, and you can build on that.”

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