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Busology Tech

Busology is dedicated to ensuring all children across the US and Canada have access to safe and reliable school transportation, whether they attend public or private school, or have special needs. We are focused on enabling school districts and transportation agencies with modern tools that are easy to use, data-rich, and enable superior communication among all stakeholders, including school administrators, parents, and students.

The Busology Tech Story

For decades, TripSpark School has provided dedicated solutions to the school transportation industry. Over the years, we have added solutions to challenges school districts and school bus transportation companies face in their business. Early in 2023, Busology Tech was formed, driven by a mandate to solve today’s challenges and ensure every child in the US and Canada has access to safe school transportation. This robust, single-vendor solution has one dedicated focus – getting kids safely to school on time while providing transparency and reliability to parents and administrators.

The Busology Tech name was derived from the focus on bus systems (“bus”) combined with the belief that there is definitely a science to bringing all of the pieces together to create a successful busing system (“ology”) and of course “tech” because at its core that is our business.

What We Believe

  • That every child deserves access to safe school transportation
  • That organizations that implement modern, but easy-to-use solutions to help them achieve this will succeed, and quickly
  • That there are untold efficiencies just waiting to be discovered, that Busology can uncover for the school transportation ecosystem

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