An orange circle and a purple circle represent connectivity.

Binary System has set the benchmark for railway software in Italy with SoftRail, its suite of modular applications that manage all rail activities from employee training and scheduling to asset performance and security.

The Binary System Story

From the domestic Italian market, Binary System has expanded to offer leading solutions to more than 50 companies across Europe, becoming a trusted partner to address new challenges as they arise. The team develops their solutions through web and mobile technology and integrates them with the latest mobile devices so operators can monitor fleet location in real-time, for example. They also custom design their products to meet individual customer’s evolving needs.

Building on the Modaxo network’s global presence, Binary System brings their innovations for freight transport to the people transportation space in Europe and beyond.

What We Believe

  • That the work we do positively impacts social and economic development for future generations.
  • Digitalization will continue to improve public transport efficiencies and environmental impact.
  • In adapting and growing with our customers to exceed their needs and expectations.
  • Web and mobile platforms are at the centre of transport innovation.

Insights from Binary System