Laurent Eskenazi Joins

At Modaxo we like to surround ourselves with good people. And when you combine world-class talent with a collective passion to drive People Transportation forward, really good things happen. Which is why we’re pleased to welcome Laurent Eskenazi to Modaxo as our newly appointed Head of Europe.

Laurent brings 16 years of industry and management experience in the People Transportation sector, with a strong background in fare collection and management systems, and the marketing, sales, negotiation, delivery and support of large and complex major city transit systems. His prior experience was in Defense Systems.

He most recently held senior leadership positions with Cubic Transportation Systems, including as Managing Director, EMEA and as Interim Global President, and prior to Cubic he was the Managing Director of Thales Revenue Collections Systems.

A French citizen, Laurent grew up in Paris, but he has also worked throughout France, in Australia, the United States, and he and his family now call London home. A keen tennis player in younger days, Laurent remains an ardent fan of the sport. Growing up Laurent thought he would be an Orchestra Conductor, and in many ways that is the role he has evolved to in business today.

Laurent is responsible for all our existing Modaxo businesses in Europe and the United Kingdom including Binary, Holmedal, Imperial, Malmator, PLANit, Signature Rail, Systemtechnik, Taranto, and Trapeze (UK and Europe). He will also play a key role in helping us identify and engage with like-minded businesses in the sector who are looking to join the Modaxo family.