An orange circle and a purple circle represent connectivity.

Empresa 1 is a leading innovator in automatic fare collection, access control and fraud prevention for Brazil and Latin American transport companies. Our solutions make paying for and accessing services convenient and safe for both passengers and transport operators in more than 160 cities.

The Empresa 1 Story

Empresa 1 has a legacy of creating new solutions, from bringing the first electronic ticketing project to the city of Salto, São Paulo in 1997, to launching payment by bank card in Brazil’s mass transportation system in 2016. The company has received international awards for their advanced face recognition technology, which now includes riders wearing masks. The biometric technology is also used to combat fraud in the health care sector.

In 2018, Empresa 1 joined the Modaxo collective to work together in transportation modernization and bring their solutions as a technological integrator to new markets.

What We Believe

  • In technologies that empower people and business.
  • In developing new ways for people to connect to public transit and move around cities.
  • That data security is the foundation for flexible payment and access alternatives while giving operators more control and cost-savings.
  • Making innovation happen faster for public transportation will help operators retain and grow ridership.