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Spotlight On: Tim Bigwood

Tim Bigwood is the kind of guy you’d want coaching your ball team or backpacking in the Alps with you. He’s committed to being there for others and always striving to make things even better. So, where did all this heart and determination come from? It’s quite a story…

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Spotlight on: Simon Ferguson

Simon Ferguson is a creative guy with plenty of drive. When he’s not busy with his role coaching businesses as a Group Leader for Modaxo in the Americas, he’s busy playing music, writing songs and training for an upcoming marathon.

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Spotlight On: Lucy Naylor

“I am a transport geek.” As a General Manager with Trapeze Group in the UK, Lucy Naylor can’t get enough of transportation data, development strategy and the on-the-ground logistics of mass transit.

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Spotlight On: Terry Hinman

Terry Hinman has seen a lot of business acquisition in his career. As he sees it, business integration, “has always been about relationships and building trust and then going from there. Once you have the trust, you have a good foundation, and you can build on that.”

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In Conversation with Peter Aczel

Meet Peter Aczel. Born in Hungary and raised in Austria, Peter now calls the USA home. With transport experience in both Europe and North America, Peter now leads Vontas -- a company that wants to make public transport the desired mode of transport for every community.

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Spotlight On: Lewis Wray

Let’s just say, Lewis Wray digs what he does. As a younger version of himself, he dreamt of being an archeologist like his hero Indiana Jones. He imagined the excitement, the thrills and non-stop adventure. Now, as Director at Taranto Systems in London, Lewis is making important societal contributions.

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