An orange circle and a purple circle represent connectivity.

The recent UITP Global Public Transport Summit was attended by several Modaxo businesses, including Trapeze Group, Binary System, AEP Ticketing Solutions, Systemtechnik and Pcentra. We decided to frame our booth around three key themes that we see in the industry: sustainability, accessibility, and enhanced, connected journeys. We created an animation on each topic, explaining how the Modaxo businesses in attendance contribute to these themes.

The animation below showcases how the Modaxo businesses that attended UITP work with customers to deliver enhanced, connected journeys. Some of the examples include disruption management within Intelligent Transport Systems, personalised multimodal journey planning, Connected Driver Advisory Systems (C-DAS) to proactively manage rail networks in real-time, and ticketing and payment solutions that make public transport as convenient as driving a car.


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