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The Traffic Support software division of WSP has been acquired by Taranto Systems Limited (owned by Trapeze Group (UK) Limited, part of the Volaris Group. The acquired division, now known as Taranto Systems Limited (“Taranto”), continues to operate independently and joins a growing portfolio of Modaxo companies all focused on providing technology to move the world’s people. Taranto operates within the United Kingdom, providing Road User Charging software for projects such as the London Congestion Charge and Dart Charge, and provides software to support the enforcement of UK local authority parking schemes.

Kim Emmerson
Kim Emmerson. A woman with dark hair wearing a black turtleneck stands with her arms crossed, smiling.
Kim Emmerson
Kim is a self-professed ‘transit geek’ and B2B Marketer that believes mobility connects people and communities in profound ways.  She is responsible for Modaxo’s global marketing and branding and engaging with its businesses on S&M best practices.

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