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TADERA: A Modaxo Acquisition Story

“The collaborative environment of all being relatively in the same vertical market, whether it’s terrestrial in the air or train or plane or automobile, all of those things play here and that ability to plan for the long term and grow your business within the Modaxo environment and ecosystem is really great opportunity that you don’t get if you’re going to sell to a private equity or to a strategic or someone else like that.” – Tim Walsh, President, TADERA

TADERA’s journey into the Modaxo organization marks a significant milestone for both companies. With a deep history in aviation and airports spanning more than four decades, TADERA’s expertise in helping move people in the air complements Modaxo’s existing people transportation businesses on the ground. TADERA is Modaxo’s first acquisition in the exciting world of airports and air travel—an area it aims to further invest in.

While the TADERA brand is new, its history stretches back four decades. Founded in 1979, TADERA has been a driving force in developing innovative technologies that transformed how airports operate. Previously operating under the Civix CI brand and led by industry veteran Tim Walsh, TADERA’s team boasts extensive experience in aviation. Tim himself obtained his pilot’s license at 17 and, bitten by the aviation bug in university, he went on to manage airport operations in major US cities before moving to the private sector in 2012.

Forging a new brand identity for TADERA

Becoming part of Modaxo gave Tim and his team a chance to redefine the brand as something new, but also call back to its aviation roots. TADERA is an acronym for Transportation Aviation Destination in a new ERA, highlighting the new TADERA technologies that support air and starting a new era for the company. TADERA’s leadership team worked with Modaxo to develop the brand, brand promise, and the name in the two months leading up to the acquisition announcement.

“Creating the TADERA brand so quickly was an exhilarating challenge. With the support of Modaxo’s marketing team, we engaged in creative workshops to define our core competencies and value propositions. The collaborative effort resulted in a brand that truly represents who we are and what we stand for, launched seamlessly on the day of the acquisition.” – Tim Walsh, President, TADERA

Communicating the change with customers

Communicating with existing customers is one of the most important things when a company joins Modaxo, because clients often fear an upheaval or that in a few years the new parent company will sell again or even shut it down.

Modaxo’s buy-and-hold philosophy means it is TADERA’s ‘forever home’, and communicating this to long-time customers like the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was critical. More than a ‘business as usual’ message, companies that become part of Modaxo can assure customers that the acquisition means additional support for growth, innovation, and stability for the long-term.

Aside from the new name, little else changed within TADERA. Many of the people at TADERA have been there for 25 or 30 years, and that institutional knowledge is essential as TADERA charts a course in this new era for the company.

“Our customers were thrilled to learn about our acquisition by Modaxo. The promise of a long-term partnership reassured them that we would continue to deliver high-quality services without the disruptions that frequent ownership changes can cause. Our commitment to helping customers do more with less remains strong, and our new brand, TADERA, reflects this dedication.”

Building, and rebuilding, company culture

TADERA was in a unique position coming to Modaxo. While a large portion of the company made the transition from Civix to Modaxo, there were opportunities to bring new people into the company too. Blending old and new can be a challenge for any leader, but Tim made sure that everyone focused on the same important things:

  • Integrity – Doing the right thing when no one is looking.
  • Collaboration – We fly in formation.
  • Customer Success – We succeed when you succeed.
  • Innovation – Turning challenges into solutions.

In Modaxo everyone you meet is completely focused on moving people – whether it’s by plane, train, automobile or any other mode. The opportunity to plan for the long term and grow your business within this collaborative environment is something you just don’t get if you sell to a private equity or someone else like that. – Tim Walsh

And it’s this spirit of innovation and breaking new technological ground that TADERA brings to the rest of Modaxo. Modaxo is a tapestry of cultures woven from all the people and companies that make it up, and whenever Modaxo people get together there is a feeling of connectedness and cooperation that makes all the companies stronger.

Being part of Modaxo also means exciting new opportunities for employees to grow, either within their roles at TADERA or the larger Modaxo world. Fostering a culture of personal growth and challenge brings strength to the entire Modaxo family.

Modaxo, aviation, and the future

It took a leap of faith to become the first aviation company to join Modaxo, but throughout the process, the team at Modaxo made it clear this is a long-term investment – a point reinforced when Tim was asked for his 10-year business strategy.

When we joined Modaxo the leadership asked about our 10-year plan. This kind of long-term approach enables us to plan product roadmaps collaboratively with customers and focus on sustained innovation in the aviation sector. – Tim Walsh

Becoming part of something bigger, while still on your own

Often when a smaller company is acquired by a larger one, the new company has to change how it does things – perhaps with new owners who might not understand the nuances of their new business.

The announcement that Modaxo would be our forever home was a huge morale boost for our employees. Modaxo’s buy-and-hold philosophy means our team can focus on their careers without the uncertainty of ownership changes. This stability has created a sense of security and excitement about the future among our staff. – Tim Walsh

Within Modaxo, each business unit has the autonomy to run their business and work with their customers how they see fit, while also benefiting from shared resources like HR, Legal, Finance, and Marketing. Supported by the depth and breadth of Modaxo’s leadership team and internal experts, each business unit is free to plot their own course for success.

Modaxo: Focused on the long-term in people transportation

The next ten years will witness some of the most transformative people transportation changes to we have ever seen, with transitions to zero-emissions across all sectors—including aviation—and continued redefining of how people live and move around their cities.

Some of these changes will be so transformational that they cannot even be conceived right now. But one thing we know for sure is that Modaxo businesses will continue to forge the solutions that facilitate and drive this change.

With its focus on aviation, TADERA breaks new ground in terms of Modaxo’s ability to move people. And as part of Modaxo, Tim and his team are ready to succeed like never before. Let’s watch them fly.

Modaxo is always looking for innovative software companies in the people transportation space. If you are interested in joining our family, check out some of the other success stories to learn more about Modaxo’s ‘buy and hold forever’ approach to growth and acquisition.

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