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Software developer. Musician. Video gamer. Lover of fine food, wine and a great dance party.

There are many hats Giacomo Mantovani likes to wear. Professionally, he’s on an incredible career path with Binary System, the Italian business leader in software applications for managing railway transport throughout Europe. Since May 2023, he’s taken the reins as CEO after 10 years in the company’s IT and operations.

“It’s a quantum leap for me between doing the production and then directing the company,” he says, confident and enthusiastic about expanding Binary System into the people transportation space and new markets with the combined expertise of Modaxo. He’s ready to take the bull by the horns when the opportunity is right.

“Considering the last three years we’ve been through the most complex projects, and we’ve been through the pandemic, so we have the shoulders to do that.”

On the personal side, he relaxes with movies, video games and music, which is a long-time passion. “I’m really into music. I love it,” he says. He plays piano and a little guitar, and he is also learning – or “attempting” – the drums and the violin, he laughs. At one of the year-end events for Binary System, he performed on keyboard with a few colleagues on guitar and vocals (so you may see more of him entertaining on stage at Modaxo gatherings). He encourages dancing and singing along.

Also, as a true Italian, he says, he appreciates the good things in life, like the great team he works with and opportunities ahead.

“We’re working in a very positive business doing something that is worthwhile. We bring value to companies that need to deal with complexity to give people services.” Having experienced people transportation as a passenger, delving into the behind the scenes work that makes it all happen has been an eye-opener. “There is so much complexity to it and I’m glad to be part of this value chain.”

When you’ve got a great team, setting ambitious goals and getting results is that much sweeter.

“Binary has wonderful people. They work hard, they deliver, they are accountable. People really make a difference,” he says, quick to acknowledge his talented and growing team. The company started with seven people, now they’re at 45 and serving 65 customers.

Giacomo knows the business from all sides. He studied computer science, having a natural affinity for programming languages and computing architecture. Out of school, he started as a junior developer and technician.

By fate or happenstance, he went on to a contract job with a railway company where he helped implement Binary System software. He established a relationship as a customer and clearly impressed founder Roberto Toscani – at the end of his contract, Giacomo was offered a job with Binary System.

That was in the company’s early days, so he was able to follow the growth and development of the company’s SoftRail suite of modular applications that began with three and now have six that manage rail activities from employee training and scheduling to asset performance and security. His upwardly mobile roles included product and project manager.

Now he’s CEO for the company that he joined as a junior project manager.

“I followed the growth and the development of other modules as a project manager, then as a product expert from the functional part, and then I became responsible for the whole office,” he says. “I was very thankful and excited because I knew that the type of job is completely different.”

He’s managing all of the business, and the pressure that comes with these responsibilities. Being part of the greater team of the Modaxo group, however, has been a huge advantage.

“There’s a sense of working for two companies, so there’s accountability and a strong sense of support at the same time. I really appreciate the philosophy toward empowering people with the will to grow.”

His top career learnings, so far? There are two important ones (besides staff events to celebrate success):

“If you have the right team, you can do whatever you want.”

“Know what you don’t know – it’s all about the growing and learning.”

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