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Photo of Paul Harrington, CEO of Signature Rail“Signature Rail is a larger and more successful business today because of our collaboration with other Modaxo businesses” – Paul Harrington, General Manager, Signature Rail.

Signature Rail was acquired in 2013. General Manager Paul Harrington is a firm believer in the value of the Modaxo network – as evidenced by his business’s success, which is consistently one of the Group’s top performers. We asked him to explain how being part of Modaxo has supported Signature Rail’s expansion.

The Modaxo Collaboration Network

Paul says that being part of Modaxo makes collaboration easier, which has increased Signature Rail’s product portfolio as well as its customer base:

“Signature Rail partners with Trapeze – also a member of Modaxo – in various regions. Because we share a parent company, collaboration is much easier than it would be with external organisations.”

“By working closely together we are able to obtain a deep understanding of the markets in which we wish to enter. There is often a strong relationship between our partners and the transit authorities we wish to reach; we are able to leverage this to reach decision makers. Our partners also support with legal and commercial support specific to their markets, that reduces the barriers to entry.”

A Platform for International Expansion

Based in York in the United Kingdom, Signature Rail has worked with Modaxo businesses in other regions to significantly increase its global footprint:

“Collaboration with Modaxo businesses has enabled Signature Rail to enter new territories, winning new customers in North America and Australia, as well as in other parts of Europe.”

“Signature Rail is today a technology supplier to Amtrak, SEPTA, New Jersey Transit, Long Island Railroad and MetroNorth in the United States and Metrolinx in Canada. We are the market leader in complex planning and operations within the US market, and revenues from this region have been a significant contributor to our growth since acquisition in 2013.”

“Trapeze’s deep relationships with local transport operators were fundamental to convincing them that Signature Rail was able to deliver to meet their needs, and the collaboration also provides us with support capabilities that ensure we are able to provide seamless service outside of UK time.”

Working With Third Parties

And the benefit of the Modaxo network also extends to third-party collaborators:

“Collaboration with other Modaxo businesses has created opportunities with established third-party partners, making it possible to take advantage of technology experts in complementary sectors. For example, we now work with a Decision Science specialist that had successfully delivered similar solutions alongside Trapeze. The prior relationship and established processes made this far easier to set up.”

Personal Growth

The Modaxo network has also benefitted Paul personally, whose success with Signature Rail has been recognised with promotion to the position of Group Manager, helping to coach Modaxo’s Binary System as well as Signature Rail:

“I am incredibly proud and excited to lead Modaxo’s rail Group in Europe. Signature Rail has benefitted from Modaxo’s specialist focus on people transportation, so it makes perfect sense to structure our teams in this way, bringing together our businesses that focus on rail transport.”

In Conclusion

“I believe that without the support of – and collaboration with – other businesses within Modaxo, Signature Rail would be a smaller and less successful organisation than we are today.”

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