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TORONTO, ON, MARCH 1, 2022 — Modaxo Inc. (“Modaxo”), a global technology organization focused on moving the world’s people, today announced the acquisition of TransLoc Inc. (“TransLoc”),a provider of microtransit, on-demand services, and fixed route transportation solutions for public transit, universities, and transit operators, from Ford Motor Company.

While part of Ford’s mobility portfolio, TransLoc’s SaaS-based solutions helped to support more than 1,500 transport providers across the US, delivering more than 600 million rides on an annual basis. In its first ten years, TransLoc created America’s first live regional transit map, the first bus tracking mobile app, and were awarded a transit innovation award by the White House. The company is based in Durham, North Carolina.

“We are thrilled to make Modaxo our new home. It’s a global organization that understands that public transit can, and should, be the first and most convenient choice for people to travel within and throughout their community,” said Greg Jorgensen, TransLoc’s Interim CEO. “Joining Modaxo gives TransLoc, its customers, and employees an opportunity to benefit from being part of a large, global ecosystem focused solely on people transportation.”

“A very warm welcome to the TransLoc team and its customers. TransLoc’s mission — ‘to create seamless mobility for all’ — is a goal that is harmonious with our own mission to move the world’s people.” said Bill Delaney, CEO, Modaxo. “We always invest in companies and their people for the long-term and look forward to TransLoc’s contribution in helping to shape the future of public transportation.”

TransLoc maintains its brand and autonomy while benefiting from investment, support, coaching, best practices, and peer learning made available by Modaxo. TransLoc represents the 17th brand in the Modaxo portfolio of companies working to deliver the technology and solutions that move the world’s people.

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