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TORONTO, ON, AUGUST 30, 2023 — Modaxo Inc. (“Modaxo”), a global technology organization focused on moving the world’s people, announced the recent acquisition of Civix’s Critical Infrastructure (“Civix CI”) division, also known as GCR, Inc. (“GCR”). The acquisition is Modaxo’s first in the aviation and airport segment.

Civix CI’s solution portfolio provides an integrated software platform known as AirportIQ for some of the world’s busiest airports including Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, the Houston Airport System, JFK, and San Francisco International. AirportIQ empowers staff to manage their revenue, safety and security programs, airport operations, and key resources. Now as part of Modaxo, AirportIQ and similar products are under the TADERA brand.

Civix CI, now TADERA, is the culmination of more than 40 years of experience serving the airport sector. The company’s mission is to help improve the safety, security, and fiscal position of airports in order to provide world class facilities for the movement of passengers and cargo. The new brand and name of TADERA emerged from the company’s desire to: facilitate Transportation, Aviation, and Destinations as part of the next ERA of people transportation in the skies.

TADERA’s General Manager Tim Walsh said, “People transportation is not limited to wheels on the ground. We share Modaxo’s passion for changing the face of public transportation through technology solutions that connect people with the places they need to go.  Modaxo is a great home for our team and clients as we help facilitate the safety, efficiency and security of air travel.”

“The TADERA team brings an incredible amount of domain experience within the aviation and airport space, as they have worked in and supported every sector of airport management,” commented Rod Jones, Modaxo’s Head of Americas. “That deep understanding of their customers’ business processes is the reason why the company has been trusted by so many airports around the world. We welcome them to Modaxo.”

The acquisition of Civix CI also includes solutions for the Energy sector which are marketed separately under the original GCR brand. For more information on GCR, please visit

TADERA provides software and integrated technology that improves the safety and fiscal position of airports. The company serves the Federal Aviation Administration, state aeronautics departments, and over 100 individual airports worldwide. Learn more at

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