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In February 2024, Modaxo Europe hosted its first Functional Summit in Madrid, Spain, bringing together more than 100 Maintenance, Professional Services, R&D and Product, Sales & Marketing leaders for two days of intense learning, sharing – and fun. Here are our four key takeaways.

1. Radical Change Begins at Home

In a powerful opening session, Modaxo Europe’s Luis de Azpiazu (Market Unit Director), reminded attendees of one fundamental aspect of Modaxo: we never, ever sell our businesses.

This means that when Modaxo buys a company, we invest for the long term.

At Modaxo we never stop driving change within our businesses – and that starts by driving change within our people through events like this. Across almost 48 hours, four tracks and 30 sessions, attendees shared, taught, listened and learnt. We challenged and helped one another, and each took home a list of new ideas to implement with our local teams.

2. Collaboration is our ‘Secret Sauce’

No other organisation can bring together such a diverse range of people transportation professionals. Modaxo businesses employ thousands of people all over the world – and more than 100 of them were present in Madrid.

As much as the formal agenda, so much of the value of events like these comes from ad hoc discussions with peers and fellow transport leaders, and the building of relationships that will bear fruit in the weeks, months and even years ahead. Our people return home knowing that the next time they face a challenge, there are colleagues who have overcome similar issues – and are more than willing to help.

Professional Services group knowledge sharing
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3. Intense Focus on Customers

Many businesses claim to be customer-focused, but this must be more than empty promises or words on a website. At Modaxo, we continually challenge people from all levels and functions to spend time with customers to really get to know them and the challenges they face.

At the Functional Summit, this directive could be seen throughout the agenda, with sessions focused on client collaboration with product roadmaps, delivery of User Groups, acting upon client feedback, Account-Based Marketing, and the importance of understanding a business brand in relation to what it does for its customers.

4. It’s All About People Transportation

Modaxo is a unique organisation. Even within our parent company Volaris, Modaxo stands out because of our focus: we are 100 per cent focused on people transportation.

This Functional Summit was such a great learning event because it was an opportunity to spend time with others who share the same challenges, concerns and – most importantly – passion for mobility.

We don’t take lightly the time, effort, cost and carbon involved in putting together this kind of event. It is incumbent upon us all to ensure that it is worthwhile in terms of the improvements we can derive for our businesses, our customers and the markets we serve. You can be sure that we will.

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