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TORONTO, ON, JULY 6, 2022 — Modaxo Inc. (“Modaxo”), a global technology organization focused on moving the world’s people, along with its company TripSpark, today announced it has acquired Routematch.

Routematch, based in Atlanta, Georgia, and owned by Uber Technologies, Inc., serves more than 350 transit agencies across North America and Australia, helping them to transform rider experiences and manage operational costs. Routematch’s software provides trip planning, vehicle tracking, payment, and other tools for fixed route transit and paratransit services.

With the acquisition, Routematch products become part of TripSpark’s overall solution offering, bringing together two leading, complementary brands to provide transit agencies with best-in-class technology for the Demand Response, Fixed Route and Mobility-On-Demand segments.

“We are pleased to welcome the Routematch team and its customers to TripSpark,” said Robert DeSanti, General Manager, TripSpark. “With this acquisition we are ‘moving together’ to best serve customers in the small to mid-size urban and rural transit agency sector. And it is together that we can develop and deliver newer solutions to help agencies provide responsive, sustainable, and equitable transport to their communities.”

“Modaxo’s sole focus is on people transportation and we look to acquire and grow technology businesses that drive growth for the sector,” said Rod Jones, Head of Americas for Modaxo. “When we invest in a business like Routematch, we invest in their technology, people, and customers for the long-term. This acquisition reinforces our commitment to public transit and brings us another step closer towards achieving our goal of moving the world’s people.”

About TripSpark
TripSpark’s people transportation technology provides transit organizations with the critical operational software and in-vehicle hardware they need to run efficiently and provide outstanding service to their customers. Our products form an integrated ecosystem, including the core routing, scheduling, and operational software that our customers rely on, and the modern passenger information systems that passengers demand and rely on today. We pride ourselves in Moving Together with our customers as their needs change and offering the latest and greatest in modern people transportation technology.

About Modaxo
Modaxo is a global technology organization passionate about moving the world’s people. Working both together and independently, our collective of businesses are committed to delivering software and technology solutions that help connect people with the places they need to go for work, family, and everyday life. Learn more at

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