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Modaxo is very focused on business autonomy – but that certainly doesn’t mean our businesses are on their own. We spend a lot of time and effort putting in place a range of supporting processes to ensure our leaders and their businesses can overcome any challenges they face – and then go on to achieve their objectives.

The Modaxo Difference

  • Understanding: We take the time to truly understand our businesses and what made them successful, in order to know how to help them grow
  • Practical Support: Achieve your goals with coaching, best practices, an international network, and access to capital to facilitate expansion
  • Peer Network: One of our business leaders refers to the Modaxo network of peers as “the board you could never afford”
  • Group Leaders: All business leaders have a Group Leader who can serve as a coach, mentor or sounding board for any challenges faced

Modaxo Leaders on How They Are Supported

  • “Being a CEO can be lonely. Usually when a problem comes to you it is because nobody else can solve it. But at Modaxo there’s always someone to reach out to, whether that’s your leader/coach, or a peer with whom you can bounce around ideas.”
    • Ashley Bijster (Managing Director, Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions)
  • “At Modaxo you work with supportive people… it’s an environment where you can think things through and find your solutions, with guidance available when needed.”
    • Lewis Wray (Managing Director, Taranto Systems)
  • “My only disappointment is not to have joined sooner. I would have loved to stay in such a group for many years – it is a good community from which to learn.”
    • Saverio Bettini (Former Owner,  AEP Ticketing Solutions)

Are you interested in joining the Modaxo network? Get in touch to find out how learning and sharing helps Modaxo businesses to grow.

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