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At Modaxo we never sell the businesses we acquire, which means we are always focused on long-term stability and success.

Therefore, when you join Modaxo you are able to plan for the long-term knowing that you won’t be sold again. This stability makes it possible for business leaders to focus on growth and development, knowing that their team and customers are in safe hands.

Our approach to mergers and acquisitions is centred upon preserving each business’s unique identity and integrity, creating an environment where the existing brand, people, and customers will continue to thrive. In short: Modaxo isn’t just a buyer; it is a forever home for your business.

The Modaxo Difference

  • Buy and Hold Forever: Modaxo has never sold a business, so it’s truly a forever home for you and your team.
  • Retain and Grow Your Brand: We don’t break up or consume businesses; we support and develop them to facilitate growth.
  • Long-Term Investment: We empower leaders to focus on the long-term direction and success of their business.

Modaxo Leaders on Long-Term Stability

  • “I chose to sell to Modaxo because I knew that it was a forever home for the company, for the people working there, and for the customers.”
    • Saverio Bettini (Former Owner,  AEP Ticketing Solutions)
  • “I understood from the discussions that we would retain our brand identity and be able to focus on growth without changing the company structure.”
    • Moti Maimon (CEO and Former Owner, Pcentra)
  • “With Modaxo we didn’t have to worry about someone taking a short-term view in terms of stripping out costs or chasing growth too quickly. It is reassuring that Modaxo will support our business for the long term – which enables us invest in the development of our people and products.”
    • Lewis Wray (Managing Director, Taranto Systems)
  • “Imperial is a bit like a big family, and both myself and the owner had a strong sense of responsibility to the team. Finding the right parent to nurture our ‘baby’ was foremost in my mind.”
    • Ashley Bijster (Managing Director, Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions)
  • “Modaxo empowers me to focus on the long-term term direction of the business”
    • Thorsten Schmidt (CEO, Trapeze Group, DACH Region)

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