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At Modaxo, we like to do things differently. For starters, we don’t buy businesses and then strip out their autonomy while burying them within a huge, homogenous entity. We understand that our businesses’ unique identities make them successful – so we embrace that.

When you join Modaxo, you get to continue to run your business your way. But that doesn’t mean you’re on your own: a Group Leader will support you, serving as a mentor and sounding board; our proven metrics will enable you to analyse and improve your operation – and our global network of business leaders is always on hand to share practical advice and best practices.

The Modaxo Difference

  • Retain Your Brand: Think about Modaxo as a ‘forever home’ for your business. We invest in the long term – and we never sell our businesses.
  • Grow Your People: We need great people to support our rapid growth. We will help you retain and invest in developing your team.
  • Fulfil Your Dreams: If you have a desire to grow then Modaxo can help – with coaching, best practice, internation access or capital.

Modaxo Leaders on Autonomy

  • “I still control the business. There is a requirement to deliver results, of course, but Modaxo also provides best practices to support.”
    • Saverio Bettini (Former Owner, AEP Ticketing Solutions)
  • “I understood that we would retain our brand identity and be able to focus on growth without changing the company structure.”
    • Moti Maimon (CEO & Former Owner, Pcentra)
  • “Modaxo is an environment where you can think things through and find your solutions, with guidance available when needed… I feel completely empowered to run my business. It has been very liberating in that respect.
    • Lewis Wray (Managing Director, Taranto Systems)
  • “Day to day, my job hasn’t changed: I am still empowered to manage the business as I need to. What has changed is the access to central expertise for legal, contracts etc. We didn’t have that before.”
    • Ashley Bijster (Managing Director, Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions)

Are you interested in being part of Modaxo? Get in touch to find out how we help businesses to grow their own way.

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