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TORONTO, ON, APRIL 27, 2023 — Modaxo Inc. (“Modaxo”), a global technology organization focused on moving the world’s people, today announced the recent acquisition of ExPretio Technologies Inc. (“ExPretio”), a leading provider of revenue management and customer intelligence solutions for rail and bus operators.

ExPretio was founded in 2003 after more than a decade of advanced academic research in revenue and price optimization. The company’s solutions leverage artificial intelligence and big data to forecast daily customer demand and optimize inventories in real-time. This enables rail and bus operators to manage seat availability and prices dynamically to maximize revenues and asset utilization.

ExPretio is based in Montreal, Canada and serves more than 20 customers throughout Europe and North America, among them: Renfe (Spain), ÖBB (Austria), Arriva Trains and Heathrow Express (UK) as well as the leading North American passenger rail operator.

“Our mission is to advance and revolutionize the application of revenue management concepts and principles in the passenger rail transport industry,” said Carlos Triana, ExPretio’s General Manager. “Becoming part of the greater Modaxo organization enables us to leverage the investment, support, coaching, best practices, and peer learning made available by Modaxo for the benefit of our customers and end users. We are excited to begin a new chapter in ExPretio’s journey and to cement our position as thought and market leaders.”

“A warm welcome to ExPretio, its team and customers to Modaxo,” said Rod Jones, Head of Americas with Modaxo. “ExPretio’s solid footprint within the European and North American passenger rail market is a strong complement to the solution offerings provided by some of our other Modaxo businesses. We see a lot of opportunity to further advance revenue management in the people transportation industry with ExPretio.”

ExPretio maintains its brand and autonomy. Carlos Triana continues to lead the business along with the support of the current leadership team. ExPretio represents the 20th brand in the Modaxo portfolio of companies working to deliver the technology and solutions that move the world’s people.

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