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SS Telemática marked its 10th anniversary in 2023 by joining Modaxo, ready to build on its strong foundation of regional transportation customers and chart a trajectory for growth. Talking with General Manager Christiano Lino, there’s no question the business leader is a trailblazer who is confident that the company’s proven telemetry systems will proudly serve all of Brazil.


Based in Nova Lima, Brazil, SS Telemática has begun working with Modaxo to significantly expand its footprint.

“We have developed a solution that has a very important goal. We save fuel for the bus companies. Our business strategy is to scale our product; it has a very regional presence in Brazil but not a national one. So, within the next one to two years, we are taking a number of actions to make the brand more recognizable throughout the whole territory.”


“We’re very good at saving fuel for our clients, but growing the company is a challenge. We needed to invest more in governance and in our structure, but we didn’t know quite how to do that. We identified in Modaxo the opportunity for the company to maintain its growth with support and best practices. Because we believe in Modaxo and we have always been accomplishers.”

He also saw the collaboration potential with the other businesses in Modaxo’s growing Latin American group as the company continues to invest in the region. Best practices and tools are readily shared, along with the opportunity to develop teaming agreements to accelerate and strengthen his business growth.

“The whole ecosystem is one of learning, where we were shown good practices, processes and frameworks that mattered for us to continue the growth of our company.”

“Modaxo is very practical. During the M&A evaluations, there were many questions about processes for operations. It was an opportunity for us to implement processes before the M&A, so we accomplished a lot because we learned very fast with Modaxo. We were able to perceive the synergy, and this was very good.”


Christiano says the Modaxo focus on people and relationships mirrors his own philosophy on how businesses should be developed. The synergy was there, as well as the knowledge, capital, and infrastructure to take SS Telemática’s talent for innovation forward.

“We are very courageous and loyal; these are values that define us. And we have always listened to our clients to develop our products and deliver our solutions. When clients join our portfolio, they stay because they have a relationship with us. At the same time as we are brave and loyal, we are very optimistic because we have always believed in projects that were a little beyond our capacity at the time.”


“We want our team to continue to be engaged with a purpose and we were concerned we might lose this in a big corporation. There was a series of communication pieces and forums to talk about the integration process. We also listened to what the employees were saying, and started to hear very positive things, like ‘so now I can work in a whole group. I’ll have new opportunities.’ It’s been motivating for the whole team.”


“There’s an increase in the scale of clients today so we can reduce the consumption of fuel throughout Brazil. Our goal is very ambitious – we want to save $1 billion litres of fuel through our intelligent tools to make routes across the country more efficient and drivers more aware.”

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